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Hunting for Parrhesia (or the dog) NEW BOOK ed. Galleria Peccolo, Livorno

January 4, 2018




Excerpt for Galleria Peccolo

The following words and images come from many prophetic messages placed in plastic mineral water bottles and tossed into a canal at Dorsoduro, in Venice, by a bandaged stranger who went by the name of Hund Au Sang. The messages were often written with markers on pages torn out of magazines. The bottles were wrapped in gauze, apparently to make it easier for them to be snagged by fishermen. And in fact they came to my attention precisely because I was acquainted with an angler who had put together quite a collection of the bottled missives and showed them to me in a quest to make some sense of their strange content. We managed to make the connection between the bandaged stranger we often saw at San Barnaba and the bandaged bottles, and to make contact with that very reclusive individual. He told us he believed he was the reincarnation of Diogenes, the Cynic philosopher known as “the dog.” He felt very strongly that the messages should be “leaked” in order to reach the widest possible audience. This led to the creation of a performance for the Greek Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2015.

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