Installation shown in the exhibition “I Miss My Enemies”, collateral event of Venice Biennale 2011, and the show “Carta Bianca Milano”, Villa Croce Museum, Genoa, 2012. A song I wrote many years ago about Cold War atomic air raid drills in elementary school is presented as “sound art” along with a children’s school desk and a photograph of dramatic sky over the sea near St. Petersburg, Russia. The song “The Bell” is on the album Domestic Exile, soon to be re-released on CD and vinyl by Guerssen.

Materials: (song 1982, photograph 2010, installations 2011 Venice, 2012 Genoa)

– one song (CD player with headphones)

– 3 color prints of the same photograph of water and clouds, taken near St. Petersburg, Russia, appx. 32 x 42 cm each, in cheap glass consumer photo frames

– children’s desk (or similar piece of old furniture) and seat… should be low like a child’s desk and chair.

– photocopies of photographs of atomic bomb drills, fallout shelters, gas masks, lyrics of song

Technical: CD player with repeat function for continuous play, one electrical socket for power supply. Good quality headphones, if possible with disposable ear hygiene covers.

Installation: the printed materials can be removed by visitors and may need to be re-copied from time to time and replaced on top of the desk.

Two of the three photographs are placed elsewhere in the museum, without identification tags, in positions that are not like the traditional way of displaying a painting or photo (ex. just over a radiator, too close to a door, too low for an adult to view comfortably)

The third photograph is hung over the desk, directly in front of the seated listener.

Photocopies of historical materials to place inside desk.
Installation view in Venice.
Installation view in Genoa.
The photo from St. Petersburg.