Group performance at Milan Triennale

The Chorus of Disturbance: Alessandro Belussi (in the role of the Celebrity), Diego Caglioni, Luca Cardinali, Chiara Cerotti, Emma Ciceri, Danilo Di Cuia, Carlo Garofalo, Rudina Hoxhaj, Steve Piccolo, Daniela Reffo, Gak Sato. Action composed by SP. 

A group of journalists storms a Celebrity, pressuring him for answers. Their questions are entirely composed of words found in the paintings in the Basquiat show. 

Black market valise? In hush-hush terms? 

Wood chips? Teeth? 

Dextrose? Pay for soup? 

Machiavelli? Snake pig rooster vices? 

Digestive tract? Dead rat? Teeth? Large dog?

When the Celebrity moves the journalists follow; when he stops, they stop. Instead of answering, he never speaks. At each pause, he plays a bit of “Leapfrog” by Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie (Monk on piano) on his big tapedeck. 

The chorus of journalists has detailed instructions for the shouting of the questions. They choose when to stutter, change word order, hesitate, repeat syllables, introduce spoonerisms and other fun stuff. 

In the last picture you can see some amused faces of those on hand at the opening, and a bit of the Basquiat Show banner as documentary proof of our presence. 

Originally made for the opening of THE BASQUIAT SHOW, Triennale di Milano. 

Date: 19 September 2006.

Show curated by Gianni Mercurio.