babelfest bellinzona

disturbance chorus

babelfest bellinzona

22 Sept 2006

All photos by Donata C.

The Disturbance Chorus for Babel in Bellinzona was composed of very good singers. Thanks to:
Maya Balogh
Patricia Barbetti Bissegger
Cristina Castelli
Luca Fettolini
Consuelo Garbani
Claudio Mella
Nicoletta Peduzzi
Dafne Rondelli
Anna Schlossbauer
Patrik Soergel
Agnese Zgraggen


The porticos around the courtyard of the beautiful town hall of Bellinzona (CH) became the first three levels of an unfinished Tower of Babel.


The chorus had lines (in Italian) from different translations of the tower story from the Bible (Genesis 11:1-9).


Their Babel of lines, stuttering and prosody without words merged into long notes that search for harmonic consensus.


Two soloists then read separate lists with the names of extinct languages.


It’s interesting to consider the fact that ever since the almighty’s dispersal of the people across the land, making them speak in many different tongues, mankind has been busy reducing the number of those languages. In the modern era there has been an almost systematic extermination of languages and dialects, and many more are threatened today.


In the last part everyone simply sang a song of his or her choice, different songs sung simultaneously.


Thanks to the whole chorus, to the Babel Festival and La Rada Locarno for making this event possible.


hear the whole performance