five dyslexic exercises – 27 October 2006 – Circumstances/Jakattak, compositions by Gak Sato, 26 Oct (lower part of page)


with volunteers from Il Coro di Micene


Chorus members relaxing before the show. They were about to be put to the test with tongue twisting word and vowel sequences we found on the Internet… real exercises for dyslexic children.


Unlike all the other chorus pix on this website, these pictures are NOT by Donata C (you can tell!), who was busy doing live electronics. She wrote comments on the performance and had them read by robot voices in real time, often imitating the efforts of the chorus.


The best dyslexic exercise text was (I thought) a very curious found poem, which when translated here will lose all its exercise power (it was in Italian) and preserve its shot at meaning.


Here’s the translation: Observe carefully / putrefaction happens (maybe that should be “things rot”)


They laid their eggs / the eggs opened / they transformed


she deduced / it’s enough / to produce.


The report on the evening of the 26th starts here. Circumstances by Gak Sato, played by Jakattak (with Xabier Iriondo and Steve Piccolo). From this point on the pix ARE by Donata C.


Gak wrote pieces based on the use of tuning forks, sine waves, kalimbas and other well-controlled effects. Here Xabier shows us his collection of seeds (he uses them to make sounds).

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