Domestic Exile

Steve Piccolo – Domestic Exile

TOTAL UPDATE! We’re leaving the entry for the original release below, just to keep the record straight (no pun intended).

March 2020

Domestic Exile is now available on CD and vinyl in a remastered version (sounds better) with extensive annotations thanks to Guerssen Records – Mental Experience! Distributed in Italy by SoundOhm.

Materiali Sonori (1982)

1014827718gThis record was made only in 12” vinyl. The quality of the Italian pressing reflects the lo-fi spirit of the entire operation (to put it charitably), making remastering difficult, but we did it (thanks to Gak Sato)! Copies of the LP are sold at very high prices as collector’s items online (also by the record company, which told me they didn’t have any more copies when I offered to buy up any remaining stock). Due to popular demand (like one email a week!) it is now available on CD. Several of the songs have evolved into new versions which are on the Expedition CD.

Steve Piccolo: vocals, guitar, bass guitar, contrabass, percussion
Evan Lurie: keyboards
G. Lindahl: synthesizers

Produced by Steve Piccolo at ZBS Studios, NY

Track list

Side 1
The Bell
Young and Ambitious
Fast Life
Modern Man
Businessman’s Lament
Bleecker Street

Side 2
My Face
Stray Man
Superior Genes
Talk to me
I Don’t Want to Join a Cult