Sound Fetish

mix of over 100 individual sounds contributed by artists working in Italy

Sound Fetish

created for WPS1 broadcast at Venice Biennale 2005

1151876649gSound Fetish – (5 seconds and/or infinity)
A partial panorama of “art sounds” in Italy (artists, composers, designers, performers, poets, etc. living and working in Italy)
Compiled and mixed by Steve Piccolo for WPS1 in May 2005
Broadcast by WPS1 MoMA from 12 June 2005 at the Venice Biennale
– via web at
– via radio on 99.1 FM in Venice

Contributors were asked to submit either sounds with a duration of about five seconds, or a sonic continuum (loop or long track) of indeterminate, potentially infinite length.


1157028366gThe response to our call for contributions was literally overwhelming… proof that sound as a medium of artistic expression is alive and well in Italy, in spite of the customary delay on the part of the country’s art institutions to recognize the fact that art doesn’t only mean things you can hang on the wall. And also proof of the fact that everyone wants to be in the Venice Biennale.







Contributors (in alphabetical disorder):

christian alati
carlo benvenuto
julien blaine
gianni broi (gruppo 03)
lorenzo brusci (timet)
letizia cariello
massimo carozzi (zimmerfrei)
a constructed world (geoff lowe & jacqui riva)
roberto cuoghi and alessandra sofia
de-abc (luca pancrazzi, gak sato, steve piccolo)
filippo del corno
paola di bello
mauro cossu
nathalie du pasquier
massimo falascone
emilio fantin
flavia fernandes
daniele ghisi
patrizia guerresi & massimo zarantonello
peter holzknecht
juan leal-ruiz
maurizio mansueti & luca cirillo (transistors)
massimo mariani
ottonella mocellin + nicola pellegrini
alberto motta (motta & sala)
maurizio nannucci
giancarlo norese
giovanni oberti
adrian paci
roberto paci dalò
angela paletta (comp. p.r. fricker)
matteo pennese
francesco pedrini
daniele pario perra
sara piccinelli
walter prati
letizia renzini
luca resta
gianluca scordo
gruppo sinestetico (antonio sassu et al)
students of “new techniques of artistic expression” course 2004-05, bergamo university
bert theis and mariette schiltz
marco tindiglia
vincenzo vasi
riccardo wanke
jimmy weinstein
gruppo wurmkos w/ filippo monico
gruppo zerotre
marco zoi, carlo fatigoni, herve constant