Bang Bang

Bang Bang, Province of Milan, 2008

1209182264gWhat is noise (as opposed to sound, or music)? We asked people to send us 5″ sound bites of what they consider noise. The sounds are heard on this CD, first with very little manipulation, just randomly sequenced and adjusted at various volume levels, and then in mixes done by Steve and by Gak Sato. There is also a lovely track, more like 5′ than 5″, contributed by composer Reinhold Friedl, which we decided not to touch in any way because it sounds great on its own.




1. Original mix 12:39
2. Reinhold Friedl 04:21
3. Steve Piccolo remix 03:07
4. Gak Sato remix 04:33

for complete info including all the names of contributors and their ideas about noise, please visit