Contributions and appearances

1040336170gMassimo Volume
Club Privé

Mescal (1999)
Steve plays feedback cello on a track from the last album by what was an interesting group, on this CD produced by Manuel Agnelli. The group no longer exists (at least for the moment), or maybe now it exists again (recent developments). Leader and voice Emidio Clementi also did a CD with a different group, El Muniria, including a piece with words and vocals by Steve Piccolo (see below).



1015177880gGak Sato

Temposphere (2001)
Steve adds vocals on Style (words by Charles Bukowski). Gak’s original arrangement of Steve’s song Green City (from the Bitter Pill album) turns out to have legs, winding up on five compilations around the world (for a total of something like 400,000 copies). See the Tangram Toursection of the Concerts-Booking pages for more info on the live progress of Gak’s music with Steve on guitar, bass and vocals.



Gak Sato, Teorema


Temposphere (2001)

Nice sheep on the cover.


1040336605gSounds of Sunset Beach
Neverstop Music, Standard Sounds (USA, 2001)
Green City is also included in this cool US compilation, with photo of BB in a bikini inside. Right after Serge Gainsbourg and before Bebel Gilberto. Weird!




1046219840gGak Sato

Vitiminic – Temposphere (2001)
Selection of Gak’s music available on line from Vitiminic. Featuring Steve’s Green City.




Mamadì Kabà – Farafinà Todì
African folk tales set to music – 2001, Harmattan (Italy, France)
Steve suggested making and played on all the tracks on this cassette with illustrated book published by Harmattan in France and Italy, also featuring Giancarlo Locatelli. Book with illustrations by Mamadì.


Neverstop Music, Banana Republic (USA, 2001)
Green City gets more exposure.




Canto di Spine
Fermenti Vivi, Sony (2001)
Interesting project by some musicians from Genoa, rock versions of great Italian poets with many special guests including Steve, Emidio Clementi, Manuel Agnelli and others.



1040336511gPaolo Bragaglia – Kinomuzio
Fridge Zone – Sony Publishing (2002)
Music for movies by Paolo Bragaglia, including two tracks by/with Steve.




1040336403gThe Mongo Hotline
Green City on CD with Mixmag (Sept issue)
British DJ-club culture magazine Mixmag (circulation 250,000 copies) puts Green City and a number of other Temposphere tracks on a compilation distributed with the magazine, including some demented phone-in interruptions, as if you were listening to a radio show.



1040336366gThe Platinum Compilation
Green City in Gak version with Steve on vocals is also on the American Express Platinum CD (2002)
American Express Platinum Card holders can enjoy a very listenable CD put together by Rocco Pandiani, including Steve’s track Green City from Gak Sato’s Tangram album. This is called reaching a market segment that would otherwise probably be considered completely alien.




Temposphere, 2003Master DJ-composer Painè, who contributed the track Jungle to the Bitter Pill CD, invites Steve for the vocals and tune of the title track of this new CD. The record is full of great ideas and Spontaneous will be one of the singles. Elsewhere on the record Steve adds some bass lines.



Helèna – Per conto mio
Sugar 2004
Mysterious pop project that came out of nowhere and quickly, almost purposefully, found its way back.


1094419232gEl~Muniria – Stanza 218
Homesleep Records 2004

Che ci crediate o no, Emidio Clementi ed i suoi compagni d’avventura hanno finalmente terminato il loro primo lavoro. Titolo dell’album “Stanza 218”. Oltre ai fondatori della band, Emidio Clementi, Massimo Carozzi, numerosi i musicisti che hanno collaborato: Dario Parisini, Giacomo Fiorenza (homesleep/mirabilia), Paolo Cucco (mau mau), Vittoria Burattini (massimo volume), Steve Piccolo, Luca Gemma, Francesco Donadello (gdm), Paul Shilton (quickspace), Mauro Rigoni (personaggio dei romanzi di Clementi…). 10 Brani fantastici caratterizzati dal recitato di Emidio Clementi e dalle atmosfere elettroniche, oniriche e malate di Massimo Carozzi. Un album che, ne siamo certi, lascerà il segno nella storia della musica italiana…

BTW – sounds good live too!

1094858674gLuca Gemma – Saluti da Venus
Ponderosa Music 2004

A veritable pillar of the Expedition produces his first solo album, featuring new versions of a couple of tunes familiar to Expedition audiences. Steve adds backing vocals on the second track.

Portraits – Le Grand Escroc, produced by Makoto Miura, 2014
Steve Piccolo vocals and lyrics on the song for Mr. Jarmusch